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Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension

Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension
Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension
Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension
Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension

Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension    Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension
We made these two doors for a customer and we can remake in your dimensions. Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension This is rustic reclaimed lumber solid Doug Fir. We never use fillers or veneers or engineered wood. This is Doug Fir 70 - 100 years old. We can make your exact dimensions. Price the same stained or unstained. You have a choice of high quality 5 stain colors. Just a note is we have been doing the doors for about ten years. We have our own carpenters and a blacksmith that works exclusively for us so that we can control the quality.

This is not the end of the story but if you have gotten this far please let me know and let me know if you are interested in reading more. I get a lot of questions about what happened to the house? Fly all the way to Venice and went to. Juli's house and this is what he wrote to me.

Unusual doors often take you to the unusual worlds! Doors create a magnificent first impression. Yours can go beyond being a simple entry way to one that reflects your personality and adds character and warmth. We use solid reclaimed lumber 40 - 100 years old , mostly Doug Fir, gleaned from demolished houses, barns and businesses.

From simple to elaborate our rustic doors can provide you with the look, personality and mood you want. No two doors can ever be exactly alike. The defects are naturally made and are random and will vary board to board. Natural characteristics are knots of different sizes, variations in color, grain swirl, wormholes, pin holes. This is part of the charm of using reclaimed lumber.

You can request a very rustic look with the natural nail holes, hail marks, weathered by storms, pin holes, termite holes from long ago critters that no longer inhabit these doors or you can ask that we make with a smoother less rustic wood. We do nothing to make the wood look "older".

The wood itself creates the character of the door. Most of our doors are deeply influenced by castle doors from England, Spain and Italy.

Built from solid wood our arched and square top doors showcase authentic Mediterranean design. Our blacksmiths are true artisans who make the most simple or truly elaborate hand forged, hand pounded pieces you see decorating our doors giving a charm and uniqueness only limited by imagination. Our niche is using very old kiln dried wood to make rustic doors. If you want your door to look like brand new wood in a rustic style then tell us and we will use brand new wood. Otherwise, you are getting a piece of history.

The lumber has been kiln fired. Your door will look as good as the person hanging it is qualified. My husband no longer hangs doors but he is an expert in reclaimed lumber doors and he can hang one to perfection in about an hour. You cannot take a custom made door like this and pay a handyman the lowest price possible and expect this to slide right into place like a Home Depot pre hung interior door. We will be glad to give advice but please make sure you or whoever is hanging the door is experienced in hanging rustic, reclaimed lumber doors.

Even the most difficult door should not take more than a couple of hours if you have given us the correct rough opening measurements, jamb width, swing of the door and thickness of the door. You door will only look as good as the person installing the door.

We do not use new wood, engineered wood or fiberglass in our doors. On request and for an up charge we can do new knotty alder or mahogany wood but it will still have the hand crafted look.

Our Dutch doors and double doors come with a handcrafted straight slide bolt to hold stationary door in place. All out swing doors have security pin hinges. We give ONE free set of standard 2-1/2" X 3/4" door jamb trim. 2nd set can be ordered or wider or different shaped trim can be ordered for extra cost.

All doors come with 1 wood threshold. Weather protection for door bottom will be customer's responsibility. All hardware on unfinished doors will be sent separately and the customer is responsible to install.

We can provide glass at an extra cost. Dual glazed 1/2 one side tempered. Note: We can use architectural glass on some tempered, one side laminate and one side dual glazed. Glass adds one to two weeks to door quoted schedule except for clear laminate glass. When you order a door from us we will need your rough opening, the jamb width, the thickness of the door 1-1/2 - 2 or more inches, swing of the door with you standing outside the door going in to your house and letting us know what side your door handle will be on and if it is swinging into the house or opening towards you. All your hardware comes finished with installation screws and or decorative clavos (wrought iron nails).

Your installer will install these after the door is finished. If you are ordering specialty hardware like custom faux hinges or custom door knockers this will take longer for the blacksmith to make. We can with send you doors as soon as it is ready without the custom hardware or wait and send your door once the hardware is completed. We do not make one cent off of this. We will charge exactly what the post office or Fed Ex charges us.

All doors come with a standard interior trim 2-1/2" X 3/4". An additional trim set for the other side of the door can be ordered for an additional cost. We can make stucco molding and brick molding. The trim sent will be extra long so that the door installer can cut to the exact measurement needed. All doors are hung with heavy duty ball bearing hinges.

Our threshold is a flat wood threshold with a beveled edge facing the exterior. If you wish to have your own threshold just remove the wood threshold by removing the 3 screws from the jamb. If the door is stored before installing make sure it is stored flat on level ground or if vertical it must be at a 90 degree angle or straight up from the ground.

If it is leaned against the wall at an angle it could warp. Because the wood is aged, worn and handcrafted, your installer needs to have enough experience to be able to make on the spot adjustments for the perfect fit. The door is pre hung and a picture taken and sent to you before being crated.

Then the screws are removed from the jamb and threshold and it is packed into the crate. We take a picture showing that all items are in the crate.

The installer just uses the same provided screws to re-assemble door jamb and threshold. Then he puts door back on hinges and re inserts the hinge pins. Then the installer installs the jamb and door for a good fit and installs the door stop and Culon weather strip last to fit correctly against the closed door.

We do not bore lock or dead bolt holes. Door will require 50% deposit.

When your door is finished and photo sent to you and you approve the photos we will call you for balance on your door. If your door is an interior door we will stain clear coat, light brown, medium brown, dark brown or chocolate brown if you would like at no extra cost.

We are door and furniture makers not professional refinishers. The finish we use for interior doors should last many, many years. The finish is not sufficient for doors exposed to the sun and elements. There are professional finishers out there who will use a two step epoxy finish or a paint that will protect an exterior door.

If your door is exterior we will need you to write to us and say you understand we cannot guarantee the finish against the elements for an exterior door. We personally have these on our house and the front is protected by a screen door and a slight overhang and we have never had issues with the finish and the same with the back door. Our gates bake in the hot direct sun and we had to refinish every year until we discovered BEHR deck PAINT and we have green gates that look great and after three years we still have not had to refinish. Everyone's exposure is different.

We will send you examples of doors that are distressed rustic, wire brushed with more character. Also doors that are medium rustic the way the wood comes or less rustic where the door is sanded extra well. Check for 1/8 space between door jamb and top of non hinged vertical jamb. Can adjust if door is too tight.

Remove screws at jamb connection of top of jamb to non hinged vertical jamb. Pre drill new location and put jamb back together. Install the hinge side of the jamb first. Use framing square to make sure the header jamb is square to vertical.

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Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension    Rustic reclaimed lumber solid wood arch Fairy tale Storybook DOOR your dimension